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Small comms team, big challenges - how to increase your team efforts with few resources

Not everyone has eighty press officers and a huge budget to play with. In fact, so few do and there is an ever increasing number of micro comms teams with just one or two people. 

Christine Townsend shares her experiences of being in a tiny team and managing huge comms challenges in the public sector. Christine will work through the issues that having limited resources can present and how you can overcome these with practical advice. 

There will be real life examples of some unique challenges and the creative approaches taken to ensure a professional and robust communication service to a wide range of stakeholders. 

The focus will be on the ability to respond and manage emergencies by preparing and building resilience. 

We’re inviting questions in advance of the webinar and also looking for people to share their experiences and tips for a smoother running micro team. Get in touch with Christine to share!

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