Emergency and crisis management

If you’re part of a resilience or emergency planning team such as VOST, SMEM or LRF, MusterPoint can help you with; 

  • Warning and informing

  • Triage large volumes of social media traffic

  • Management of joint messaging from different stakeholders

  • Clear logging of all comms decisions

  • Detailed audit trail of all media and social media actions

  • Scale up quickly during an emergency

We provide Local Resilience Forums with a tool to manage all social media in a crisis and we also provide training days and test environments for LRF exercises. 

Read about how we supported the Kent Resilience Forum for a county-wide flooding exercise.

Corporate Communication

Campaigns, web development, e-services
You may well be responsible for the corporate social media accounts but need a full overview of all social media activity in your organisation. MusterPoint can help you do your job more effectively by providing a full oversight of all engagement for campaigns and marketing as well as when it comes to dealing with that rare crisis. 

  • Training and approval mode - ensure you get to approve all posts before they go live

  • Automated reports for users and published posts

  • Pre-approved image library for users

  • Scheduled messages with instant suspension

  • Unlimited teams and easy user management

  • Assign incoming messages and mentions to teams or users

  • Email copies of messages to people for review

  • Unlimited social media accounts

  • Full audit and accountability of every action

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Media Handling

If you are a Media Liaison Officer or run a media function within a public sector organisation you know how important it is to have an audit trail of all your contact with the media. Our simple yet powerful media logging tool provides you with all you need to ensure a clear audit trail for all involved in media handling;

  • Contacts database

  • Case recording system with team admin function

  • Enquiry logging

  • Press release creation and release management

  • Coverage recording

  • Online news search and monitoring

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Customer Services

If you work in Customer Services or a Contact Centre you may have to manage incoming customer enquiries through social media from Twitter and Facebook. MusterPoint can help by providing you with;

  • Easy triage of enquiries – send to particular people or teams that can deal with the enquiry more efficiently

  • Tagging particular enquiries – they might be about particular services, FOI requests, media enquiries or in relation to particular campaigns or appeals

  • Easy to view audit trail of every user within the system

We have a number of clients who use MusterPoint to triage enquiries between Corporate Communications and Customer Services with each having oversight at an administrator level as well as managing users within different teams at local level. It's been used for different services such as libraries, child services, gritting, leisure and tourism and waste management.

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Compliance and accountability

If your organisation is accountable to stakeholders and has compliance obligations, you’ll need to have a robust social media and communications strategy in place. You’ll need to be prepared for record keeping scrutiny both in the public and private sector and be able to manage any risk through misuse of social media. 
MusterPoint can help by providing you with;

Complete oversight of all social media and media enquiries in the organisation
Full control over messaging both internally and externally
Detailed user reports

Communications record keeping doesn’t need to be difficult or resource intensive. Enable your organisation by providing the security of extensive audit and accountability.

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