DecisionLog App now ready for download

The MusterPoint team is proud to announce the launch of DecisionLog - a new app to help you make records of the things you see, say or do.

DecisionLog is a simple tool to ensure your notes and files are kept securely for future reference.

Every entry into DecisionLog is date and time stamped and can’t be edited.

That means it’s perfect for capturing actions and decisions as a legitimate electronic record.  It needed, it can be used as evidence at a later date in court, tribunals, hearings or appraisals.

MusterPoint founder Christine Townsend wanted to create the app after she noticed many people are unable to recall their actions or provide useful information following a significant event that they were then called to account for.

“As a police officer, I was always taught, “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen” which made me very keen to keep written logs of all the decisions I’d made and actions I’d taken when it came to managing a crisis as a communications professional.

The difference now is that so many people defer to using mobiledevices that writing things down is a less reliable and more risky approach when it comes to getting things recorded - particularly during stressful and prolonged events.”

The app which started life for comms professionals can be used by a wide range of people in a professional and personal capacity.

  • Use it to log conversations in meetings
  • Log decisions, actions, and documents
  • Save screenshots of social media comments that could be deleted later
  • Capture information in emails, photos, SMS messages
  • Upload images and files to cases
  • Export your case for easy reference with a full log of all actions and files.

Unlike paper records, DecisionLog can’t be tampered with, destroyed or manipulated.

Easy to use desktop, Android and IOS app to manage all of your records.

Visit DecisionLog now to download.