6 tips for preparing your comms for the holiday season

For many people the holiday season is a chance to relax, take time off, and enjoy themselves with family and friends. Emergency services and other public sector organisations don’t always enjoy that same opportunity to switch off for two weeks at the end of December, but how can you best prepare so that you do enjoy your well earned days off?

Make plans early

Who is covering your communications channels on which days? Are they all comfortable with their role? You’ll enjoy your time off more if you are confident your team have everything they need to manage in your absence. Check before shutting down and make sure there are contingencies in place to cover any concerns. Keep it simple - is there one central place for public information that everyone can update if the worse should happen?

Check and address knowledge gaps

Is everyone clear what the sign off process is? How will potential issues be shared with the team? Set up a clear system now, test it out, and again your time off will be less stressful. It may be that someone in your contact or customer services team can triage things in your absence. 

Review access to tools

Now is a good time to review your admins and teams in MusterPoint and any other tools that you use - can everyone post and engage from the accounts that they need so that everything is covered throughout the holiday period? 

Did you know MusterPoint has a training mode, and access to each of your individual social media channels can be changed at any time? You can easily moderate posts and assign and triage incoming social media enquiries. Book a demo to see more.

Understand scheduled messages

Is everyone clear how to suspend or delete them if something happens and they are no longer appropriate? Make sure everyone knows exactly what's scheduled and when so that they can identify potential conflicts of interest quickly.

MusterPoint has a one click suspension button which means all you have to do is click once to stop all of your scheduled messages going out to many accounts. This saves you time and potential embarrassment and you can go back to review and edit when things have calmed down. Book a demo to see more.


Prepare for likely scenarios

Writing tweets is easier now there are 280 characters but it’s even easier if you have drafted some potential messages ready for bad weather, heavy traffic or other incidents you know are possible. There are sure to be events and incidents that happen regularly at this time of year, so identify your pain points ahead of time and get any tweets or lines to take sign off in advance so you don't have to chase approval at the last minute.

Check your contacts sheet

Are all the contact details up to date on your emergency details crib sheet? Does everyone have a hard copy to take away with them? Is the chain of contact clear? Contact details change so frequently and it's often the last thing to be checked. A quick email to everyone to confirm their preferred contact method takes no time at all. Just because they have a work issued phone, will it actually work if they are travelling? Can you get hold of someone if they aren't at home? Check it before it's too late.

We hope you do get some down time over the next few weeks. Assuming you don’t have to deal with incidents or emergencies, why not spend time reflecting on this year? What’s worked well and what could be improved in 2018? Now is the time to take a look back so you can prepare for the year ahead. 2017 was unpredictable and challenging to say the least, but there were some definite opportunities for learning so take all that is positive from this whirlwind of a year and make 2018 even better.

If you didn't get a chance to take a look at MusterPoint and see how we can help you with managing your social media, media handling, archiving and crisis simulations - why not book a demo now before you get busy again?

Wishing you all a happy holidays!