Introducing simple, powerful and affordable media logging

We're very pleased to announce that our simple media management platform is now available.

MP Media was created because we believe that you don't have to spend a fortune to manage your media enquiries, press lines and media releases. 

What you need is something reliable that will log all of your media activity and support you as a team in your communication decisions.

We created it based on our experiences working in busy press offices in the UK and US. We've all been there - scraps of paper, hurried notes, missed deadlines and no way of showing just how well we coped when we had lots of enquiries but little time or resources to deal with them.

The fact is, we need to evidence our work as communications professionals and MP Media can help you and your team do just that without costing thousands or giving you features you're never going to use.

We give you just what you need;

  • Media case creation
  • Enquiry logging and assigning
  • Internal briefings
  • Full data ownership
  • Media contact database
  • Press release distribution

This is simple, powerful and affordable media management. 

Book your online demo now to see how MP Media can support you whilst saving money.