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I love what I do. I love what you do too.

I often get asked why I started MusterPoint.

It's simple. I quit my job to start MusterPoint from scratch because a platform as good as this needed to be built. Frankly, the social media management tools that are out there just weren't up to the job.

Providing a good social media platform is something I get very passionate about. So is managing media queries and making sure you can justify your comms decisions. 

So, we've built a platform that logs media queries and manages social media all in one.

I've done the job you do and I know the pressures you are under. I've worked on high pressure campaigns so I know the importance of social media management and of keeping track on media queries. I also know the value of working across services effectively. 

But I also love to hear what challenges people face trying to run social media for an organisation.

I love to hear the challenges that people face so I can make MusterPoint even better.

While we're providing a social media management tool we're also helping people build their skills and build their careers too.

So, to help that, I'm creating a download with the good people of comms2point0 on social media management that you can learn a stack from.

To help, us, spare a few minutes to tell us what you are up to and as a 'thank you' we'll make sure you get a copy of the download. For free. 

And one lucky person who completes the survey will be chosen to receive a month's free trial. And one winner will get MusterPoint free for their organisation for 12-months - that's worth up to £14,000.

You can go direct to the survey here or take a look below.

Christine Townsend
CEO MusterPoint

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