How MusterPoint helped the Kent Resilience Forum

MusterPoint recently worked with the Kent Resilience Forum on one of the largest exercises they have ever carried out.

The exercise, which focused on large scale flooding, included a significant warning and informing element using social media. Here's how MusterPoint played a part in the exercise;

The scenario

Each year the Kent Resilience Forum carries out a major exercise.  This year the three day exercise revolved around a major flooding event and involved emergency services, private sector organisations, voluntary organisations, government agencies and local councils taking part in desktop exercise alongside a live play operational exercise carried out in real time.

For the first time in such an exercise it was decided that the Media and Communication Operational Cell would use MusterPoint to manage and coordinate the social media management environment for all the agencies involved.

An additional aim for the exercise was to explore the capability of the Media Cell to work effectively with a mix of the physical and the virtual - with members present in the cell as well as remotely, both from across Kent and rest of the country.

To achieve this, we worked with the Kent Resilience Forum exercise planners to create a safe environment that simulated the likely increase in online enquiries that all agencies would receive during a significant flooding event across a whole county.

The challenge

This was the first time over fourteen different agencies and organisations would need to work together on the same platform to coordinate their response on social media. This meant MusterPoint needed to facilitate many different users with different IT and communication policy requirements.

Some agencies were based in the same room together whilst the remainder worked remotely, not just throughout Kent but also in different parts of England.

MusterPoint not only needed to provide constant social media injects that were timed with real operational actions but also a way to enable all agencies to work together to ensure clear and consistent messaging during a high pressure situation.

The outcome

MusterPoint provided an environment to test existing policy and resilience but the ability to allow each agency to work collaboratively and respond to concerns and enquiries from the public.

The reporting created with MusterPoint gave a clear and accurate picture of all social media activity throughout the exercise to inform the post-incident debrief.

The unique functionality of MusterPoint ensured there was clear and consistent messaging and a single voice from all agencies with a full audit trail providing evidence of decision making in line with the overall exercise strategy.

 “Recognising the growing increasing pressures from the social media during an emergency we wanted to see if using a management system could help us better coordinate our joint responses. During the exercise MusterPoint effectively demonstrated to us the considerable benefits of centralised message harmonisation and highlighted a range of areas where we need to develop our systems further to take full advantage of such capabilities.” 
Kent Resilience Forum

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