Why I’m passionate about MusterPoint and supporting UKGovcamp

MusterPoint is a social media management and monitoring tool for emergency services and public sector and was created by Christine Townsend and is a sponsor of UKGovCamp 2014.

 Christine Townsend

Christine Townsend


It should go without saying that the public have a right to a service that is good value for money. They deserve joined-up approaches and transparency, honesty and essentially, Something That Works.

I’m passionate about providing this – having been at both ends of the policing service process (giving a good service as a special constable to the public, trying to give a good service to the media as a comms professional and also being the victim of crime) – I wanted to enable organisations to provide a good service without unnecessarily wasting the public purse.

I’ve worked for two years on developing MusterPoint. I have never had any investment from a third party (apart from very kind friends and family who have helped where they can) – I’ve worked a full time job to fund it myself. I’ve sold belongings and had second jobs. I work every day to learn, listen and evolve MusterPoint so it helps my erstwhile colleagues to do their job more effectively.

I know I’m not the only one – Mark and Sasha of BlueLight Camp, Dan Slee of Comms 2.0 and Steph Gray of socialsimulator all do the same and know how tough but rewarding it can be.

I have had an amazing amount of support from people who have believed in me and what I am trying to achieve and it’s heartening to see that something that was in my head is now helping organisations to easily interact with the public in the digital space. So, when I’m tired, disheartened and thinking of getting a ‘proper job’ I am grateful for the likes of Andrew Fielding aka wobableIan Anderson-Gray and Dave Thackeray for words of encouragement and invaluable feedback.

MusterPoint isn’t perfect, but I stopped striving for perfection a long time ago – it’s not healthy and it doesn’t help the bigger picture. As long as I strive to keep it working, and improve, evolve and adapt to what my clients (and the public) need, I will be happy.

I want to support events like GovCamp and BlueLightCamp because they are amazing incubators for creativity and passion and without that ‘ah-hah’ moment I had at BlueLight Camp, MusterPoint would never have come into being.

Looking back over the past two years, it’s been tough but it has been so worth it – so get yourself along on Saturday (if you can get a ticket!) have an idea – and make it happen.

I would like to offer anyone attending UK Gov Camp in person a sixty day trial of MusterPoint instead of the standard thirty days along with a 5% discount on any twelve month subscription. Please find me on the day for an information pack.
— Christine Townsend