The pitfalls of password sharing

For some publicly accountable organisations, managing social media can be a costly and awkward situation.

The tools are out there, but once you need to upscale, you can’t get the budget and the procurement process takes too long. Nothing you do seems to work in quite the way you would like it to. There’s one platform for this, then another for that. Freemium, licensed, subscriptions, different methods of logging in – but it doesn’t matter because you’re keeping costs down whilst trying to fight a losing battle.

Sharing passwords is another one – you’ve got a whole team of people working shifts, or part time, or perhaps job sharing. But you still have to buy more seats or licenses for them to be able to effectively manage the crisis waiting to happen in your digital world. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as whipping out the credit card and getting them online as quickly as you would like. There’s a process and those who have worked in the public sector are all too aware that this process takes time and a whole lot of negotiation skills.

So, for one reason or another, you get into the habit of sharing passwords. Here’s why you probably shouldn’t;

  • It’s in breach of the terms of the conditions of the service provider

    Don’t think they don’t know, and don’t think they won’t act on it.

  • You’re committing a fraud

    If the basic reason is you can’t afford it, this seems like an easy work around. You’re effectively extracting a service without paying for it and it could cause you all sorts of issues.

  • A disgruntled employee could change the password

    You can’t get into the account. They air their grievances through your corporate account.

  • You’re challenged on a message put out

    By the media, your management, a regulatory body or the court. How can you prove it wasn’t you?

At the time, you might think it won’t matter but this simple act of trying to share because you care (about the budget, the public demand for information etc) could drop you – and your organisation – right in it. Password sharing is common practice in many organisations, primarily for the right reasons but unfortunately, there isn’t always an easy way around it.

Through our own experiences and being caught in scenarios just like this, we understand how difficult it can be to get the go ahead to manage digital as effectively as you would like to where you work. Which is why we ensured this doesn’t have to happen in MusterPoint.

MusterPoint allows unlimited users and has way of charging for use that is transparent, easy to understand and most importantly, with a clear and detailed audit trail. To organise a trial with MusterPoint, contact us now.