Why word of mouth is so important

It's a famous quote that 'word of mouth advertising is the best you can get.'

So, when a group of public sector communicators got together with some powerfully positive comments about Musterpoint we were really happy.


Because this is the best advertising that we can get.

You can read the tweet here:

love for MusterPoint tweet.jpg

And because we made a conscious decision to focus on the public sector and make it as good as it can be for them.

Why public sector? Because that was my background that I left because I was so passionate about building a tool that I knew would work.

For others to get that too is just so rewarding.

I'd love to show you too just like the communicators at FirePRO in the UK. For a demo you can book here or join us on 24 November for an open webinar demo.

Free webinar: preparing for an emergency - communication and collaboration

If you're interested in emergency communication then our free webinar is for you.

This webinar is ideal for those working in public sector communication who would like guidance on efficient and effective ways to prepare for an emergency. MusterPoint founder Christine Townsend will go through some best practice tips to ensure key points are covered should the worst happen.

She will also be joined by an expert in emergency management and resilience who will go through an example of an incident where collaborative working was key. Drawing from her own experience in managing challenging and complicated incidents, Christine will share insights and resources that will support you and your team when the unexpected happens.

It will cover best use of social media, liaising with other agencies and how to be flexible and resilient. This webinar is suitable for those in corporate communication, customer services, emergency management and anyone who could be involved in the strategic response to an emergency.

Attendees will receive a free emergency communication toolkit containing useful resources to help manage your emergency comms.

There are two dates available;

Tuesday 18 July 9am CET / 3pm BST [find out more and register]
Tuesday 22 August 9am CET / 3pm BST [find out more and register]