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For landlords

If you are responsible for multiple properties you can use MPDecisionLog to ensure your record keeping is safe, secure and ready to present as evidence if needed.

It's simple - download the app for Android or iOS to start adding your properties to the case list.

  1. Tenant signs agreement - create a case with that property address and their name then save the agreement to the case
  2. Take photos of property and add to case file and record any initial conversations
  3. Add any further conversations, emails and information to case
  4. Add further photos of property damage or nuisance
  5. Download case file as PDF for further action

It's an affordable way to keep track of all of your properties and ensure that everything is logged effectively. You can't edit the cases so there's no question of the authenticity of your documentation.

MPDecisionLog is perfect for the smaller independent landlord or organisations that manage hundreds of properties.

Contact us for more information about the enterprise version.

Visit MPDecisionLog to sign up for your desktop account